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Anas releases another exposé on Hot FM host

Comment: Anas is not clean,investigate him now

Alhaji Yussif
2018-07-12 06:40:37
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Anas releases another exposé on Hot FM host

Whatever one does should be within the law and you ve no problem,what,s Anas doing at NMC?is he there for aberration?the says he has some secrets about you he intends to release so all you do is to wait for him to do so and if it infringes on your human rights you sue him for damages or defamation as Anas has done in the past,is this not what Anas has been saying to his victims?.As for someone taking money from you Anas agents to bring him down should not be an issue at all.I can see Anas has made too much money that he’s prepared to bribe anyone on his way and use it as evidence against the person,if he had not bribe this Anan guy his story would’ve been ok,or wait for him to drop the video and you then prove that he took money to destroy you,that Ghanaians ll consider it.Anas should sit down and do a re-assessment of what he does against the law before the law put him where he ll never like to be.

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07-11 22:09
Amaawen abasti
07-12 15:36
Anas is not clean,investigate him now
Alhaji Yussif
07-12 06:40