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Ghana not dealing with sexual abuse correctly - Group

Comment: God should i

Noah ---Qatar on June 25
2018-07-07 04:22:58
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Ghana not dealing with sexual abuse correctly - Gr

Is there any law at all working in Ghana?.
That's my first question I want to ask
We only hear law, law but practically on the ground there's nothing like that.
As I speak now Ghana is a stateless society no centralise authority, hence any one can just woke up and do or begins to do or say whatever rises from the figment of their imagination.
Look let me just say a few.
My current resident is Qatar and I can say with confident that all the laws or almost all laws are working.
As teacher in Qatar, you have not even the right to cane or lashes the child because you are a professional, so you must use all your knowledge and understanding that you acquired as a professional teacher to handle the child.
You are being paid for teaching ,nothing less nothing more.
Even you yourself you are afraid because all your movement is being monitored, so if you can to that extent sexually assaulted the child then I don't know what will happen to you
In Qatar here , children and women are the priority of the state because they are vulnerable, every attention is giving to them and every man is a security them.
In Qatar here, you can't fight because if your opponent is hurt it means that you have the potential to kill.
It's our leaders who are not committed to the very purpose of which they have been elected to serve.
They are all corrupt

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07-07 04:22
God should i
Noah ---Qatar on June 25
07-07 04:22