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Three Ghanaians arrested for cybercrime schemes amounting to $15m

Comment: This is why we are here

Uncle Steve
2018-07-05 22:41:36
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Three Ghanaians arrested for cybercrime schemes am

Why should you guys think only Akan names are Ghanaians? And what’s wrong with the names like Babatunde or Rashid being a Ghanaian name. Even the Chinese, Lebanese, Indians and Koreans can all hold Ghanaian passports by our own laws. Any foreigner married to a Ghanaian have the right to naturalised as a Ghanaian, again if a Nigeria man marries a Ghanaian woman and give their baby a Nigeria name, are we saying that the child is not a Ghanaian?, or if a naturalised Korea is caught in a crime and he’s holding a Ghanaian passport, bcus he’s now a criminal he’s no more a Ghanaian. Most of us happy to call the likes of Sule Muntari a Ghanaian and a national hero and forgetting his background. Finally, I wish you guys could come to Uk to see how Ghanaians are dying to lay their hands on British passport, including all Africans in general they will do anything to grab a British Passport. In conclusion, all that am trying to say is simple, we should not be too nationalistic when it comes to crime this days, it’s a global problem and Ghanaians will be naive to say that the cyber crime is not happening in Ghana or Ghanaians are not involved abroad or else where. We need to help the authorities to expose them instead of the blame games we always try to play.

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07-05 19:04
This is why we are here
Uncle Steve
07-05 22:41