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Minority not involved in $89m Kelni GVG deal – Haruna Iddrisu

Comment: Decomposing fish always smells.

Dogo Yaro
2018-05-23 18:12:40
Comment to:
Minority not involved in $89m Kelni GVG deal – H

Minister for Communication and NCA you have been caught with your pants down. Renegotiate or cancel this fishy contract or face the repercussions in 2020. The protecting the taxpayers purse has become just a slogan? Foxes guarding the chicken coop? NPP and Nana you will not get away with this scandal. Do something about it. Or do you care?

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05-23 17:00
Decomposing fish always smells.
Dogo Yaro
05-23 18:12