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I bought my own A4 sheets to prosecute cases - Deputy SP nominee

Comment: Efficiently run government

Abeeku Mensah
2018-05-16 17:46:40
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I bought my own A4 sheets to prosecute cases - Dep

It is only in Ghana that government does not have individual tax system that allows for employees to get credit for using their own monies to buy work related supplies and materials. Somehow and somewhere in the rather convoluted minds of administration officials such working conditions bring about effectiveness and efficiencies and will minimize corruption. If the people of Ghana are that rich to spend their hard earned money to provide office supplies and materials then they do not need to work or hold on to jobs that Ghana's unemployed need. The problem is that these kinds of government stupidity and negligence leads to bribery and corruption; employees have to make up lost wages from someone or somewhere.

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