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Don't politicise NABCO - Youth Coalition

Comment: Why NaBCO?

Abeeku Mensah
2018-05-15 02:26:09
Comment to:
Don't politicise NABCO - Youth Coalition

Ms. Anti may want to explain why Ghana needs NaBCO when we have NSS and YEA? If NSS is tasked with placement of recent graduates to fulfil their National Service obligations then should the placements not be based on national needs and priorities? If YEA is responsible for providing skills training and helping beneficiaries with permanent job placement opportunities then why is it that between the NSS and YEA the government could not provide a few operational resources to help the 2 existing agencies to carryout the task of NaBCO? NaBCO is a cheap political gimmick of the Akufo-Addo administration; the administration has not seen taxpayer money it cannot use and mismanage in the name of government to score cheap temporary political advantage. If Ghana truly need graduates in all the fields being offered to unemployed graduates via NaBCO and if those applicants are truly interested in those positions as lifetime work deserving of their time in school then why not redirect university curriculum to prepare students to acquire skills for the presumed NaBCO jobs?

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