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US Military deal: Akufo-Addo disregarded Nkrumah’s warning - Group

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Frank Agyena-Karikari
2018-04-28 02:50:45
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I am a student of history have read all you are talking about. Did the USA fight Chinese in any serious war. With the Cuban Missile Crisis, don't forget that declassified information of the USA has just revealed that USA had stationed Rocket Missiles in Turkey which Soviet Union realized and found it too close to her doorstep for comfort. They also decided to put Submarines in Cuba which is just 90 miles from Miami. When Kennedy blockaded Cuban airspace and ports, the two countries finally agreed to withdraw rockets and subs from areas the other finds uncomfortable.
Okay, some
people in Ghana may have concerns about the supposed yet to be constructed military base. Have you considered why Papa J and John Mahama entered into SIMILAR SECRET ARRANGEMENTS with uncle Sam. Akuffo Addo took it to parliament for approval. Did Ghanaians not express disgust about Mahama and his Guantanamo Duo? That was also done without even many in government knowing. Who is secretive here and did what some Ghanaians may not like? I learnt the Guantanamo Duo have even been given Ghanaian passports. What do you say about this?
When agreements are signed, they can be abrogated at a point in time or reviewed if it doesn't work well for any of the parties.
I know the USA supported the Taliban with sophisticated weapons to fight Soviet Union for 20 years. That was the nature of the Cold War.
Let me conclude by saying the USA, China and Russia will never openly fight one another directly unless they all want a Nuclear Tsunami. Hahahaha, you think international politics is fair? Friends easily become enemies and enemies can become friends. Who thought Papa J will enter into a SECRET MILITARY DEAL with Uncle Sam?

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04-27 23:13
Frank Agyena-Karikari
04-28 02:50