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US Military deal: Akufo-Addo disregarded Nkrumah’s warning - Group

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Frank Agyena-Karikari
2018-04-28 02:18:58
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How dare you?

Puerto Rico has voted many times that they do not want to be a state of the USA but what I call a Satellite country. USA has many such places in the world.
Yes, Nkrumah gave universal adult suffrage with a population of Ghana at about 6 Million people and no external huge debts. Nana Addo has given Universal Free SHS with a population of over 25 million with a huge debt. Yaw, in politics, no country gives away money freely. Nothing like FREE LUNCH. All such countries have interests. Did Nkrumah not also support other presidents who were dictators and ruled with iron fists. When there was Hurricane Katrina, Earthquake in Haiti, which country was the first to respond for help? What help did Russia give to African Countries except arms.
I don't know of Addo-USA military base in Ghana but if it will champion our interest too, so be it. After all, we live in a world where "each country is for itself and God for us all."
All the rulers in the countries you mentioned did not develop that much during the Cold War that the USA and Soviet Union were at loggerheads. So if a Developing country entered into their conflicts, that country did so at its own risk. Do you remember Rawlings chain and the time Ghanaians had to queue for everything including even gasoline for vehicles while tiny Togo and Cote D'Ivoire never had a problem with hunger and fuel. Yes, it was because of sanctions from the West. Even Nigeria was convinced not to sell fuel to Ghana on credit. Have you considered why? Yes, because Papa J aligned himself to Gaddaffi, the number one terrorist and anti West. Do you expect Uncle Sam to support your regime when you are against her? That is the nature of international politics. The friends of my enemies are my enemies.

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Frank Agyena-Karikari
04-28 02:18