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Development Authorities’ appointments 'Job for the boys' – IMANI

Comment: Our father has gone mad, again!

2018-04-16 11:39:26
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Development Authorities’ appointments 'Job for t

I often disagree with Franklin but, on this one, he is spot on! I wonder, is Nana Addo, the man I voted for, going mad? First, we don't need these authorities, as there is nothing they can do that the current local government structure (including the metropolitan and districy assemblies) cannot do! Indeed, the authorities are going to work through the existing local government structure. So what is the need for them? If it's a case of planning local needs, can't the NDPC be adequately resourced to do this through district offices? Then after creating these not-so-relevant authoriries, you appoint a CEO and for deputies for each. This is madness!

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04-16 11:23
Our father has gone mad, again!
04-16 11:39