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Development Authorities’ appointments 'Job for the boys' – IMANI

Comment: 110 ministers

Kwaku Atta
2018-04-16 11:32:21
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Development Authorities’ appointments 'Job for t

Abaa a country of less than 28 million people now have more than 110 ministers ruling them yet nothing is said in this country about it. If it was Mahama who did this, like up till today you hypocrites will still be lambasting him for it. But you see, nothing is been said about it. Where are the jobs Akuffo Addo promised us? Look at the corruption going on at Australia if it was mahama like we won't sleep in this country. Ghanaians are really Hypocrites shithole indeed

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04-16 11:23
110 ministers
Kwaku Atta
04-16 11:32