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US Military deal: Don’t put Ghana under slavery again - CPP disciplinary committee

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2018-04-02 16:01:22
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Re: US Military deal: Don’t put Ghana under slaver

I agree with you. They are also coming for the sex with our women. Some will lose their wives to them, and they will misuse such women. The women will think that they will come to the U.S. but that's a lie. I hear they have left fatherless children in Germany and elsewhere that they have bases. They don't mind to spend money like that to have sex with blacks, without love, just to boast to their friends. They hate blacks anyhow, and love to defile black girls.

In any event, they will leave behind fatherless children like the tourists leave behind them in the Phillipines, and Asia in general.

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Re: U.S. Military Deal...
04-02 16:01