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US Military deal: Don’t put Ghana under slavery again - CPP disciplinary committee

Comment: @Kwasi Ntiamoah

Afrikatu Kofi
2018-04-02 05:47:28
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Re: US Military deal: Don’t put Ghana under slaver

This Where Many Of The So Called Educated Afrikans Go Wrong In Your Assessment And Conclusions.Kwasi Is Ghana And Afrika Having The Same Historical Background And Relations With America Like Those European And Asian Countries You Mentioned.Germany,France,Holland And What Have You Were All Slave Masters And Colonisers.While Afrika suffered Slavery Under All Thes Countries.Today All These Countries Are Well Developed And Technologically Advanced And Can Stand Toe To Toe With America Where Necessary.Ghana And Afrika Are Still Struggling With Their Development And We Cannot Stand Toe To Toe With America And Not With Any Of The Countries You Named.We Are Not Equals Certainly Not In Terms Of Military And Economic Might With America Or Europe.But We Have All The Natural Reources They Need In Congo And EveryWhere In Afrika.So We Must Becareful Inviting American Government And Soldiers For Free With Open Arms And Doors To Come To Our Peaceful And Stabil Country Else We Will Again End Up In What Donald Trump Calls Shithole As We Are Already Big Shithole In Our 500 Years Of Our So Called Partnership With The Obroni With Nothing Absolutely Nothing To Show For It.What We Need From Europe And America Is Their Technological Know How,Their Skills For Managing And Cleaning Country,Cities,Towns And Villages.Skills For Managing Complicated Transport Systems And Technology for modernising and marketing AGRICULTURE.But We Dont From America Nor Europe Their Military To Come And Stay In Our Countries And Certainly We Dont Need To Teach Us About Their Morality And Homosexuality.

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04-01 18:06
@Kwasi Ntiamoah
Afrikatu Kofi
04-02 05:47