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US Military deal: Don’t put Ghana under slavery again - CPP disciplinary committee


Afrikatu Kofi
2018-04-02 04:52:17
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Oh Nana Addo My Nana Addo Why Do You Make Me Weep And Regret For Supporting And Wishing You To Be The President Of Ghana Even I Am Nkrumaist?The High Levels Of Incompetence Showed By Mahama And His Babies With Sharp Teeth Government Made Me To Think Nana Addo With His Lifelong Experience In Politics In Addition To His Age As Elder Statesman Would Be More Patriotic And Caring For The People And Ghana.Little Did I know That You Will Be The First President In The History Of Our Beloved Country To Publicly Speak Favourably About Homosexuality And Envision It Happening In Ghana In Few Years Time.Now I Know That The US Army Is The Institution That Will Secretly And Subtlely Bring About And Enforce Homosexuality in Ghana.Nana Addo You Pride Your Self Of Being A Human Rights Lawyer So Why Dont You Listen To The Voices Of Your People Who Voted For You To Rule Them Wisely That,The Overwhelming Majority Of Them Say TheY Dont Want Us Military Presence And Base In Ghana?Are We Living Under Democratic Dictatorship or What?NPP And NDC Stop The Blame Game On Serious National Issues Of Who Did Waht And When.Know That A Party In Party Was Voted For Among Other Things To Rather Correct The Mistakes Of The Precious Party In Power That Was Why That Previous Government Was Voted Out Of Power.Now Tell Me Where The American Soldiers Have Gone In Afrika And Did Good And Helped That Country With Their Development?Was It Somalia,Liberia Or Libya???The Us Army have serious and series of Records Of Bringing A United Functioning And Peaceful Countries Down On Their Knees To DisIntergration,Disunity And Instability Like Iraq.Now Afrika Has been In Partnership For Well Over 500 Years Through Trade,Slavery,Colonisation,Capitalist And Communist Exploitation And Waht Do We Have To Show Fro Our Partnership???Is It The Slave Castles On Our Coast lines,Or Our Countries In Shithole Mess,Or The Bible And White Jesus Or The Miseducated Afrikan Who Speaks Big English,French,Spanish,Portuguese or German And No Sense And Pride Of Their Own But Just Caricatures Of Their Slave Masters???If This Thing Has Happened Under Former US Presidents Kennedy,Jimmy Carter,Bill Clinton Or Even Junior Bush,I Would Have Been A Bit Considerate But Hell No To An American President Who Made His Dubious Fortune Through Gambling In Casinos And Married To A Migrant From Slovania Yet Have The Audacity To Call Afrikans And Latinos As Living In A Shithole.Donald Trump Is A Bigot,Trump Is Racist,Donald Has Wicked Intentions,Trump Is Bad,Donald Cannot Be Trusted So Dont Deal With Him.If American Government Knows How To Develop A Nation Then It Must First Demonstrae So By Given Equal Opportunities To Our Afrikan American Sisters And Brothers In American And Get Them Out Of Prisons Amd Develop Their Ghettoes.The Government Of American Must First Help The Latino Communities And The Native Indian Communities Living In Reserve Areas And Also Help The Poor White People In America And Then Go To Its Former Colony Liberia To Help Good President George Weah To Develop His Country.We Simply Dont Need American Soldiers In Ghana For Anything.So You Invite Them At The Risk OF The Nation And At The Peril Of The Good People Of Ghana.Truly One Must Be Careful What One Wishes For When One Is Dealing With The US Government.When God Blesses You And You Dont Appreciate Or Value Your Blessings Then God Turns You Into A Slave To Serve Other Peoples As A Lesson.This Is The True Situation of The Afrika Because Majority Of You Dont Value And Appreciate Your God Given Selves,You A Pridelss And So Unpatriotic And See Your Saviour In A Man And That Man Is Called Obroni Of Whom Your Worship.What A Pity And How Very Sad.

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Afrikatu Kofi
04-02 04:52