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US Military deal: Don’t put Ghana under slavery again - CPP disciplinary committee

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2018-04-02 04:23:32
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@Asbo, what's your point?

gh, why are you deliberately refusing to see the point Asuo is making? Or you are simply being mischievous,for the sake of it just because you belong to the opposite side as all your comments point to. To me, there is nothing wrong with this military agreement or pact signed by the NPP gov't and the American gov't. In fact, I personally welcome it because I know Ghana will benefit in as much as America too will benefit. The right term or phrase is 'mutually beneficial' to both countries. But, and this was the point Asuo was making and I agree 100% with him. But granted that there are one or two minor problems for Ghana, it is hypocritical of NDC to be shouting the loudest and leading needless demo because they signed the very same agreement first in 1998 and again in 2015 on the blind side of Ghanaians because they cunningly avoided parliament. So you see, gh, this is the hypocrisy of NDC Asuo is talking about. And he is spot on. If any political party should criticise the NPP govt, it should be either the CPP, the PPP, the PNP and the other lesser parties. But never the NDC!

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