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US Military deal: Don’t put Ghana under slavery again - CPP disciplinary committee


2018-04-02 01:49:56
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US Military deal: Don’t put Ghana under slavery

For the sake of the birth, death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, whose life was offered for our sins that we may repent unto salvation by the Power of the Holy Ghost, I wish to conclude with this as the last.
If total percentage is hundred and we have now seen that the body is made up of seventy percent of it, then it goes to say that the remaining amounts to just thirty percent. I hope you have now appreciated the role of water in your life and for the fact that we lose fluid due to the hot Sun, you would even drink two gallons a day.
So the thirty percent now takes care of Diet,Exercise,Rest and of course drugs.
Diet: The Creator, Almighty Allah or Jehovah is behind Nature and for that reason whatever that was created is perfect and does not require approval from Mankind. Your own body is the determinant as to whether it is suitable for you or not. For this reason if you are the true Image of the Almighty Allah or Jehovah, then you should be closer to Nature and that is green leaves, fruits, vegetables, fish and others.These make the body alkaline and hence enable the body to resist sickness.Some of these natural products are now being produced with chemicals and that is the reason why the salt from the sea was and would have prevented it because it makes the food alkaline by neutralizing the chemicals. The Christians should tell me what salt were they referred to as the Salt of the World and that when it loses it taste it becomes useless ? Was it Ama Salt or the one from the Sea?The Ghanaian and for that reason, the African who is the Image of Mawu , Okyeadiapong Kwame, the Almighty Allah or Jehovah prefers processed food, like tinned, canned and others which creates acidic environment to impair the function of the Brain. How do you expect the very mechanism that has been put in place to solve your problems for you by your Creator to perform when already you are denying it the basic ingredient which is water and worse still creating acidic environment for it.
Exercise: Circulation of oxygen in the body is crucial to good health and must also be on daily basis and what do we see? The Creator, Mawu, Okyeadiapong Kwame, the Almighty Allah or Jehovah provided us with free natural energy which is from the Sun. You need to stretch yourself for about five minutes in the Sun to energize yourself or you can equally be in your room whilst barefooted, rub the two palms together to generate heat. The veins of the Organs are under the feet and in the palm and so just five to ten minutes rubbing to stretch to breath in oxygen and release by breathing out carbon dioxide must be done and dance or do imaginary skip with the hand any time you are to have your bath taken,The dog or cat stretches after lying on the floor but the Ghanaian and for that reason the African would not and yet sits down most of the time thereby putting pressure on the Spinal Cord and more pressure on the body and consequently , the Brain.
Rest: The Creator, Mawu, Baabaa, the Almighty Allah or Jehovah made the body to be able to repair itself. So, the body needs rest for the damaged cells to be repaired. The Ghanaian ,to and fro the work place from Monday to Friday is under pressure due to traffic congestion. Worse on Saturday and worst on Sunday. How should the damaged cells in the Brain get repaired ?
Sanitation: Cleanliness is said to be next to godliness. Clean environment promotes health and so we must all see to it and those responsible should also not make it a seasonal affair.
Drugs: The Almighty Allah or Jehovah has endowed us with different knowledge due to our creative capacity. If you do not sleep in mosquito net and hence you are sick of malaria, the appropriate place is the Hospital. What has been created could not contain the Creator and how much more the structure built by mankind. You are the true Image of Baabaa, Nyame, the Almighty Allah or Jehovah and so it is your gathering that makes the Presence of Almighty Allah or Jehovah be felt. You are the Image and hence the Spirit lives in you and not outside. The Creator is Omnipotent, Omnipresent, The Beginning Without End. The Virtues of Almighty Allah or Jehovah is about love and you name it. So if really we are the True Image of Mawu, Baabaa, Almighty Allah or Jehovah, then how come , Ghana should be counted among corrupt countries in the world as evidenced with the establishment of Special Prosecutor's Office? We believe in Creation because nobody can convince us that toyota corolla or omama kantanka car just got to the road without a manufacturer for you to confuse the Ghanaian and for that reason the African that the nose or the eye of the human being decided to be where it is by chance. So it bores down to the point that we are the True Image of Mawu, Okyeadiapong Kwame, The Almighty Allah or Jehovah and our country is corrupt. Should that be the case? It means only some few are really demonstrating the true Image of Mawu, Baabaa, Almighty Allah or Jehovah for the sustenance of our Moral Values that has been our Security. Do you now understand why America that has trust in God but is spearheading homosexuality and lesbianism must be shown the exit. Now that we are the True Image of God or Allah, do we not have reference of Sodom and Gomorrah in the Bible? The Late Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah dreamt of the Economic Independence of Africa and CIA did the job. Now our own President, who is in Supersonic Mood is saying similar thing in the form of “ Africa Beyond AIDS” and America is to provide us Security? Are we at war and with who or what country? The Winter Clothing in this hot weather must give way to African dress and thinking for America to be chased out of Ghana and Africa, please. We should rather thank the Almighty Allah or Jehovah for our President who has proven to America that our democracy is by the voice of the people so it is finally the voice of the people that would decide and that knowledge which is the product of the brain and the mind is irrespective of gender, race, colour of persons or height. America is here to kill three birds with one stone. The first is to break our moral values by gettting homosexuals and lesbians join the Army and they are in Ghana to operate freely in the Free Zone Enclave. Two to ensure Ghana or Africa do not attain the beyond the AIDS agenda and thrdly to compete with China that is almost in Ghana and Africa. America , like the African King has been in the Palanquin due to faithful servants but it is going to fall by betraying the Trust in God. The Almighty Allah or Jehovah is about Creation and hence America can not be spearheading homosexuality and lesbianism if really they know the Sodom and Gomorrah which is unnatural. America must be shown the Exit, please.
If you follow this carefully, you would unlock your creative capacity to solve your own problems because knowledge is from the Almighty Allah or God and you are His Image and has put in your head the problem solving mechanism which is irrespective of gender, race, colour of skin or height . All it needs is seventy percent of water in the body and hence must ensure four litres or one gallon but due to lost fluid we should even drink more. Stay forever blessed! WWW.EBNANOTECH.COM

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