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US Military deal: Don’t put Ghana under slavery again - CPP disciplinary committee

Comment: US base in Ghana

jazz of spintex
2018-04-02 01:05:13
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US Military deal: Don’t put Ghana under slavery

Is this a case of bullying or corruption? Does the president need the money? Because everyone knows he has millions of Dollas in bank. So if trump is bullying him...he needs to up against him. SAY's that simple. The US ambasidor to the UN stated last year. That countries who did not do America's bidding would not receive American cash..perhaps this is what Nana Akufo Addo is afraid of. But there's no need to be...if you say no..the Ghanaian public will forever love. But if you betray them for American dollars...then you will down in history as one who betrayed his nation. How many pieces of silver did Judas get for betraying Jesus? How many pieces of silver have the Americans offered you?

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04-01 18:06
US base in Ghana
jazz of spintex
04-02 01:05