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I’m not against the United States - Brogya Genfi clears the air

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Maka a maka.
2018-03-31 17:14:19
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I am not against the USA-BRGYA GENFI.

Let it be assumed the this man, who is fronting for faceless and cowardly forces within the NDC, is against the USA: of what significance would that be? Would the leaders of America have sleepless nights because a person called Genfi is against their country? Of what significance is this person in international politics, or even national politics? He is trying to assume some self-importance, by making it appear that it matters to the US whether he is against that country or not. By the way, can someone who knows Genfi personally volunteer information about the part of the country he originates from? The name 'Genfi' hardly rings a bell.

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03-31 13:58
Re: I am not against the USA...
Maka a maka.
03-31 17:14