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Police handle man with rage; beat him to pulp on the streets

Comment: Stupid and ignorant journalists, lazy!

2018-03-17 07:10:57
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Police handle man with rage; beat him to pulp on t

You this journalists are hypocrites. You were able to uncover how the police malhandled the peperptrator but ignorantly failed to do ur journalist work to uncover exactly the victim did. Why is that you always published issues of your interest to insight the general public with wrong perception about the police? Were you trained at all on how to gather a first hand information on the scenes of crime as it really happens? You only know how to shift your information towards your stomach directions. Publishing issues of two wrong doing can never be right, in trying to cover up the cause of trouble causers which is the first hand information , will always discredit your credibility of your information. Do you know what it takes to subdue a resisting suspect to arrest? Oh poor and ignorants Ghanaian journalist who always cast insinuation on matters by passing judgment instead of publishing the issues as how it happens. If u know best on how to do the police work be done, leave your journalists career and join the police service to let the public know that u know better than other policemen. You journalists can never know best than police officers, it is the senoir officers who are trying to educate u madafuckers but ignorantly claiming u known much than them. Stupid journalists. Ghanaian are now educated so stop publishing nonfa issues. Fools!

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Stupid and ignorant journalists, lazy!
03-17 07:10