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What Rihanna had to say about Akufo-Addo's speech in Senegal

Comment: jealousy go kill some Ghanaians.

Kwabena AJ.
2018-02-06 08:54:38
Comment to:
Useless,corrupt, incompetent crooks gove

Madness is incurable disease which affects children from their parents,who have also suffered lost of special vitamins like kofi,abu Dhabi sanjay,senior citizen.And those guys who reason like them cos if you can be given the opportunity to see their background ohhh lord have mercy, you'll see how deplorable states their families are people with no self esteem, low IQ,poor homes,their forefathers to the parents couldn't lay down any good heritage,history,culture and so they envy any family whose achievement is above human comprehension.any way let me give you guys with some little advice such characters won't help you guys and you may wonder why guys don't make it in can critise but personal attack on his or her stature wow remember the law of karma. ...I rest my case.

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02-06 01:25
jealousy go kill some Ghanaians.
Kwabena AJ.
02-06 08:54
Abandoned Corner
02-06 06:28