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You can’t sack us – Head of Fulani community

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2018-01-16 14:00:36
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Re: Nonsensical as usual

You are an idiot to take ndc as a tribe ir a nation nobody can talk about why are you here? What is the usefulness of the ndc to Ghana you can equally leave with the fulani herds men to another place to seek the power you so love. Ndc anti-Ghana fools, nation wreckers. The bad of the NPP is the best of the ndc so we like NPP, nobody in Ghana has wished the come back of the ndc even if the NPP blunders, even if Ghanaians are feeling hardship nobody has wished the ndc to come back ,but the people still have hope the NPP could do better. Ndc my foot!

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01-16 12:36
Re: Nonsensical as usual
01-16 14:00