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You can’t sack us – Head of Fulani community

Comment: Don't be Stupid!

2018-01-16 13:58:47
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You can’t sack us – Head of Fulani community

You cannot claim regional integration as a right when you are a national security threat in a host country.

You have been raping, killing and maiming Ghanaians and you say it is your right to be there. A fool in deed.

Who sent you away from your country? If you can't play by the rules of your host, then sorry you cannot be protected either.

Neither ECOWAS nor AU makes provision for lawlessness. If you don't know peace you will be taught lessons of force-idiot. Take your sick and disease infested cattle back to your country. You are an environmental risk to Ghana.

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01-16 12:36
Don't be Stupid!
01-16 13:58