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Ghanaians saw your spectacular incompetence; go back to bed – P.K Sarpong to Amissah Arthur

Comment: Amissah Arthur belongs to the Bed

2018-01-02 00:59:58
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Ghanaians saw your spectacular incompetence; go ba

Was Amissah Arthur a vice president to Mahama? I never heard him saying any meaningful thing to help mother Ghana. When they were looting he kept quiet and looked on because I believed his booty was waiting for him. Like master like vice they were all looters. They made him look like an idiot while the first lady was the vice and in active mode of looting mother Ghana. No fertilizer no money. Where on this planet would one hear this? It's only Ghana and in NDC rulling party. They formed a unity looters and drained mother Ghana's wealth. What did they do to all those who looted mother Ghana? Nothing. When the first lady saw it she embraced it and defrauded mother with fertilizer to buy for farmers. No fertilizer, no money. All should account for bringing down mother Ghana. Party of thieves with only few good ones. Asiedu Nketia is another crooked milking mother Ghana. How about Adams and babies with sharp thieves, same goofy looters. We need our GHS51M that was given out free of charge to the other idiot. Thanks to Martin Amidu to bring him back to the court. Mahama became a dumb about it because all of them connive, loot and share. Bastards, God will deal with all of you one after the other. Shame

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12-31 09:19
Amissah Arthur belongs to the Bed
01-02 00:59