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Ghanaians saw your spectacular incompetence; go back to bed – P.K Sarpong to Amissah Arthur


2017-12-31 12:03:58
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Ghanaians saw your spectacular incompetence; go ba

For the former VP to suggest economic questions don't change and so the challenge thrown to him by Dr. Bawumia is being volleyed back, in some sense goes to prove a point about the kind of expertise and competence the NDC under Mahama and Amissah-Arthur brought to the management and growth of the economy of Ghana. It was a disaster.
Given what the NPP has done in the last 11 months or so, Amissah-Arthur if he wasn't dozing, an analysis of the economy should indicate to him, some of the questions posed, which rendered him incommunicado till now, should or have changed.
This administration has initiated a number of interventions and the economy is responding strongly and positively, the very basis of why they are in opposition.
So Amissah-Arthur cannot just volley the questions back. It will be a very disingenuous sorry exercise that further goes to make and prove that "point" Ghana and Ghanaians have made, continue to make and were made about the incompetence and unintelligence coupled with thievery that collapsed Ghana under their watch.
Amisssh-Arthur must therefore reassess those questions he claims do not change, and come back again because the greatest and strongest pivotal shift from a Guggisberg economy of about a century, to a modern digital, technology-based and driven economy with a value-addition focus intrinsically, triggers a completely different set of questions and it is important the former VP, shows he can pass the minimum threshold of being taken seriously in this country. Amissah-Arthur must come with his own questions because those posed to him by the NPP, whilst they were in opposition is not applicable. The SSS students know it, he knows it, Ghanaians know it. Amissah-Arthur must analyze the economy and set his own questions.

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