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Ghanaians saw your spectacular incompetence; go back to bed – P.K Sarpong to Amissah Arthur

Comment: A stain on Mfantsipim's image

2017-12-31 11:26:19
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Theroy verses practical

Over the years, Mfantsipim School has been famous for churning out products who have carved a niche for themselves in the progress and development of Ghana.Name the profession, and you will find a Kwabotwe alumnus there. Amissah-Arthur however, is different.A scion of an academic and well-known headmaster,( Odasco), many of us were of the opinion that Amissah-Arthur could have carried high the reputation of that brilliant family. From collapsing the Ghana Cedi, to mismanaging the Bank of Ghana all the way down to becoming the worst performing Vice-President Ghana has been saddled with, he has proved that he hasn't got the brains that that have made the products of Mfantsipim chalk successes after successes in the history of Ghana. The Kofi Annans, the Busias, the Tsikatas, just name them. But KB Amissah-Arthur has proved over and over again that he is a DUNCE of the highest pedigree. What a stain and a blot on the hard-earned reputation of Mfantsipim. He should simply jeep quiet and hang his head in shame forever.

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A stain on Mfantsipim's image
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