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Gang rape: Family of victim not cooperating with police

Comment: wo ye kwasia paaa - which gala?

2017-12-19 18:17:13
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They call it gala

Who are they? Are u serious? maybe your mother enjoys gang-rape even now; & u were lucky not to have been caught when u engaged in it with your animal friends. You don't even know that it's a crime. This is the problem with Ghana - fucking illiteracy. This also includes the police, who cannot tell between a crime & misdemeanour.
This first class crime on a defenseless young woman & you call it gala.
It's rape/ sexual assault, a crime under the constitution. God have mercy on this country or burn it to ashes for such stupid people calling themselves also human. Nonsense - i wish this thing ALL THE FEMALES IN YOUR LINEAGE.

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12-19 17:15
wo ye kwasia paaa - which gala?
12-19 18:17