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Gang rape: Family of victim not cooperating with police

Comment: Crime has been committed period

2017-12-19 17:56:56
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Gang rape: Family of victim not cooperating with p

The family should be made to understand that they cannot settle this out of court. Enough of this nonsense by GHanaians. A terrible crime and assault has been committed. This case should be the State versus those miscreants. Family has nothing to do here. This girl could have died. Accordingly, one person held her in a choke hold whilst the others took turns to penetrate her. As shameful an act as this is, she needs professional help. This will scar her for life. The law must be allowed to take its own course. We are sick and tired of the rape and several defilement cases in GHana. Women should be respected. No human being should be treated that way. Even dogs do and goats do not force themselves on the female partners. They always seek consent. What kind of society are we living in? Some of us are watching this case and the Lebanese Rape case in Accra closely. We will make sure that justice is served and the culprits are severely punished. WE ARE WATCHING THE POLICE AND ALL INVOLVED.

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12-19 17:15
Crime has been committed period
12-19 17:56