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Abolish Voting In Presidential Run-offs -HKP

Comment: "Thank You Prof; I Agree With You"

Omanhene (I)
2004-06-30 17:35:42
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Abolish Voting In Presidential Run-offs -HKP

Run-off Presidential elections are not only a waste of time and money, but also "breeding or incubation period" for the government in power, at the time, to speed up their STEALING spree before they lose the elections.

What the heck does a HIPiC country like Ghana got to spend scarce resources to re-run elections? I hope that our leaders would listen to the prof, evaluate his suggestion and act on it. Even rich nations, which could afford it, DON'T.

When the NPP came to power, after the run-off elections, president Kufuor told Ghanaians that "THE NATIONAL COFFERS WERE EMPTY". Now, why wouldn't the coffers be empty? The NDC ministers and officials knew that with the alliances that the NPP was building, their party (NDC) would lose the elections.

$$$ Therefore, they started WORKING OVERTIME stealing all the money $$$ and that's why the coffers were empty. If the NDC was KICKED OUT immediately after the first round, they wouldn't have had that three long months to STEAL.

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06-30 16:41
"Thank You Prof; I Agree With You"
Omanhene (I)
06-30 17:35