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Mahama's camp puts NDC in danger

Comment: Mahama will be jailed for his corruption

insight to the bone
2017-12-04 13:26:41
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Those who enjoyed free education are all against it being made available to Akans so pepeni Bawumia doesnt surprise me. Nana is surrounded by idiots , toxic fools and corrupt criminals because he is a weak president with no balls of steel. Dont mind the fool Ace Ankomah , his teacher Prof Atta Mills was very clear on the matter of homosexuality in all forms including thoughts but his traitor student is trying to legalize it through the back door. This toxic fool has Nana and others show up at his parties so is power drunk into stupidity. verbal acrobatics and deliberate misleading of our people into accepting perverse standards and morals is what he promotes . No country achieved the potential of development by legalizing Homosexuality , not America Britain nor Japan , they did so only after entering the post industrial era. In fact any civilization that championed homosexuality or other perverse activities saw their decline and were eventually wiped off the face of the earth. His sophisticated lies and propaganda only prove he himself is a hypocritical bisexual homosexual of the worst kind.He now commits intellectual rape of our self esteem and dignity and i am surprised why the chief justice doesnt arrest him immediately for telling lies to corrupt the moral fiber of our nation. Fake ass law professor my foot , NOW we witness the emboldened pedophile homosexual predators preying on young boys with no fear of persecution.

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12-04 10:05
Mahama will be jailed for his corruption
insight to the bone
12-04 13:26