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12,700 premature births recorded in 2016


2017-11-18 11:38:05
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12,700 premature births recorded in 2016

In this modern world where knowledge abounds, some of these calamities are preventable. Our religious and political leaderss, who mostly have arts and humanities backgrounds, are not helping matters and so with my little science and engineering background, l believe it behoves on me to share my scientific knowledge with my compatriots beginning from the artistic to the more scientific level. The Bible tells us that when Moses wanted to rescue the children of Israel from slavery, he promised to send them to a land flowing with milk and honey and that there will not be miscarriages in the land. I tell you these promises are still relevant today. From milk we get cheese, yogurt, etc, which are good sources of calcium. In the absences of milk, consumption of leafy vegetables like kontomire, alefo, cabbage, lettuce, ayoyo, etc, could play that role. The honey mentioned signifies dates or fruits in general. Remember, in the garden of Eden, God commanded Adam to eat all the fruits in the garden except one and then said they should multiply and replenish the earth. Was there no meat, fish or eggs in the garden? Why didn't God lay emphasis on these things but fruits. Scientifically, calcium from leaves or milk products and folic acid and flavonoids from fruits play important roles in reproduction. Anybody who doesn't take fruits and leafy vegetable regularly sins against their bodies and God will damage such bodies with diabetes, miscarriages, high blood pressure, kidney diseases, etc. In taking these things regularly, we should always remember, moderation is always the key.

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