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GhanaPost app: Bawumia has embarrassed Akufo-Addo – Mahama

Comment: Mahama is a pity to our body politics

2017-11-05 12:55:23
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GhanaPost app: Bawumia has embarrassed Akufo-Addo

How can Mahama compare bus branding with GhanaPost GPS? GhanaPost GPS has interface with Ghana Security and Ambulance Services. He should tell us where else in the world that a national addressing system has interface (by SMS or voice) to security and health service providers. Nowhere in the world!!! So, what is Mahama talking about? No government can freely adopt an information system developed by a private company and also expect that company to help implement same nationally free-of-charge. Does Mahama have IT experts to advice him on technical things like this? I don't think so; and this shows why Mahama and NDC had no vote-collation system during the last general elections; and yet they talk of being "in comfortable lead". NPP government is doing very well, rolling out excellent IT policies e.g. National Addressing System, Pepperless Clearance at the ports, and very soon (on 20/11/2017) National Identification System. Mahama has no shame; he is daft and only knows how to " create, loot and share". It has been a pity having Mahama as VP and president of Ghana. He has cheapened the presidency that's why Asuedu Nketia and Namole also want to be president. Talk is cheap!!!!

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11-05 12:18
Mahama is a pity to our body politics
11-05 12:55