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Residents flee Kwahu over Fulani attacks

Comment: Govt must act now

2017-11-01 13:31:45
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Residents flee Kwahu over Fulani attacks

Govt must act now.
This horrible situation has been lingering for yrs.
The fight with the Fulanis should be between govt and the Fulani herdsmen.
A law should be passed in Ghana categorically stating it is illegal to raise cattle , sheep, goat on a free range. If any herd is identified they will all be confiscated by the police and auction . With such a law no more will the villages be targets for this fulanis . The process of raising cattle on free range destroying hard working farmers land should be of the past. With simple basic modern technology cattle can be kept in confined areas and pasture raised on farms to feed them. That is how it done every where in this modern times.

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Govt must act now
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