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Asamoah Gyan itching for first league goal after slow start to season in Turkey

Comment: BABY/ OLD JET

2017-10-16 02:55:18
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gyan has been done since brasil wcup

The truth he's been Ghana's best striker for more than a century now he's always been my idol BABY JET but let's be real no strong man stays strong forever at some point the strength will elude everyone it's natural we never stay young forever continue to look at your old pictures and be the judge yourself look at JJ in his hay days and now,look at Kuffuor hay days and now,look at Carter hay days and now it's just natural that if you don't die you'll grow old and your strength will vanish into thin air and that's the situation of our baby Jet he's no more Baby but Old Jet sometimes we all look in the mirror and ask the interesting question "it that me."and the answer is yes it's you.We need a replacement but right now the search continues because right now we really don't have a consistent striker in the likes of Gyan,Opoku Afriyie,Dan Owusu,Akwesi Wusu etc.we have more play makers but not strikers and we all accept that it's not easy to get strikers in that caliber it's once in a decade or more so let's continue the search God bless Ghana and the USA.

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