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How to triumph in a perverse world with the right authority

Comment: Dr. SAS, Attorney at Law.

You Can Also Add To The Fiction.
2017-10-03 02:13:46
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I need an answer.

The man who was the pillar of Christianity never existed as a composite being. Rather, smidgens of his character traits were borrowed from heroes of history and combined together to create him. Jesus is therefore an eclectic character embodying all the great personages that came before him, their words, their deeds and their deaths.

A search for his missing years is therefore a search for the missing pieces of his being, which in my opinion, you also can supply.

Many people have already supplied their bits and pieces to the early years of this fictional character called Jesus Christ.

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10-03 01:11
Dr. SAS, Attorney at Law.
You Can Also Add To The Fiction.
10-03 02:13