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NDC campaign cash stolen - Botchwey report

Comment: Of course

2017-09-28 12:05:57
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NDC campaign cash stolen - Botchwey report

Ex president mahama trained everyone well how to steal from Ghana ...Get the immunity of that ex president changed ..get the governments of Kenya, Mauritius and Dubai to release "sufficient interest" details in various companies and bank accounts of this crook mahama ....why is NOTHING HAPPENING? What is KROLL doing? ...where is all the ghost workers money ? Why AMERI power contract not abrogated and those crooks in prison for "loss to state"? [a four year old child can tell the whole thing stinks!!) ? Look at odebrecht process of securing contracts in Ghana and who was involved as Ex CEO advised he paid bribes for nearly every contract ...Ghana is a drop in ocean in terms of this companies corruption but has anyone questioned him on Ghana as that will then send shock waves and hopefully those arrested will "squeal" and that fat disgusting evil corrupt crook Mahama and his fat brother will come tumbling down ....look at governments of panama Brazil South Korea Italy on corruption ....all ministers (presidents) arrested involved in corruption and loss to state and how fast they move but Ghana .. ...banana republic ?

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09-28 11:53
Of course
09-28 12:05