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I wrote anti-Amidu articles, not Ablakwa - Andrew Krow

Comment: Unmask krow

2017-09-14 22:19:07
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I wrote anti-Amidu articles, not Ablakwa - Andrew

Birds of the same feathers fly together and the fact is the krow or whatever he calls himself portrayed sinister behavior in using Ablakwa to hide his true identify and had now opendly uncloak himself boldly as brave auther of those articles so let him give Mr Martin Amidu the opportunity to address him and let us watch and see as I trust Amidu possesses the requisite intelligence to handle krow and would prove it in open confrontation with him , the adage goes this way that WHEN TWO POTS CRASH ON THE RIVER THEN SPECTATORS SHALL KNOW THE STRONGER ONE

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09-14 14:21
Unmask krow
09-14 22:19