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UEW crisis: UTAG hints of nationwide strike

Comment: Which Strike Please?

UTAG member
2017-09-13 11:14:20
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UEW crisis: UTAG hints of nationwide strike

One long bad joke, this so called 'strike'. On the ground, lectures have been going on smoothly to date. UTAG UEW Winneba front is widely divided on d intent and relevance of same 'strike'. Kumasi and Mampong Campuses of the university have dissociated themselves completely from the 'strike'. If other universities join they will most likely find that those they purport to 'support' will still be teaching their own students. UTAG leadership National, needs to do due diligence outside d box, lest representation becomes embarrassing misrepresentation. Such persistent discordance between leadership and larger membership tends to bastardize the credibility and integrity of the Association. (Remember UPSA, 2016, too?). Frankly, a different membership unifying, consensus building approach should have been adopted from the very beginning. Maybe it's not too late to reflect, regroup and relaunch in the proper manner...not like this
(P.S.....and one would think that UTAG would be the light to other teacher unions.)

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09-13 09:49
Which Strike Please?
UTAG member
09-13 11:14