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'Sharp teeth' Ablakwa is 'uncouth, uncultured' – Amidu

Comment: Ablakwa shewreded into dust

Ghanaba Pa
2017-09-12 11:17:37
Comment to:
'Sharp teeth' Ablakwa is 'uncouth, uncultured' –

Ablakwa, you live in a glass house yet you want to be the champion in throwing stones aagainst the rock- house of Martin Amidu. See how you have disjointed into pieces. Shut your buccal cavity and enjoy your loot peacefully at least on mother earth but be remembered that the day of reckoning is fast approaching. $1.3m n the unknown ones. You have a lot to vomit wai.

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09-12 10:19
Ablakwa shewreded into dust
Ghanaba Pa
09-12 11:17