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Free SHS is a hoax - Minority

Comment: NDC destroyed Ghana

2017-09-12 06:21:48
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Free SHS is a hoax - Minority

These NDC thieves Koraa what do they want at all?You had the opportunity to govern this country for four years amd and you wantonly wasted the nations resources on create loot and share and profligate expenditure .Look at what is happening at SSNIT NCA Cocoa board and so many places.All these huge looted monies could have been channelled into useful programs to like the free SHS to make Ghanaians comfortable.You failed big time and no amount of negative sentiments will distract President Akuffo Addo.He will continue to roll out policies and programs that will make Ghanaians better of.

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09-12 05:48
NDC destroyed Ghana
09-12 06:21