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Inusah is epitome of anarchy - Nana Addo

Comment: Sleeping President, for real?

Sappey-Agboh -Tsiame-Alagbokope.
2017-07-19 08:22:19
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Inusah is epitome of anarchy - Nana Addo

Honestly, what is this rubbish we are being fed? How can a whole President stoop so low and make such reckless statement about an MP? If Hon Inusa was the epitome of anarchy, then how will we describe the numerous NPP-liked armed groups that had been visiting mayhem on peaceful Ghanaians? What Inusah did was not acceptable but to describe him as the epitome of anarchy is definitely 'bush talk'. This President is not fit for purpose.

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07-19 07:41
Sleeping President, for real?
Sappey-Agboh -Tsiame-Alagbokope.
07-19 08:22