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Ghanaian journalists must learn to specialise in specific areas of reportage - Ken Mornah

Comment: incompetence and lack of morals

insight to the bone
2017-07-01 08:43:42
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Y3TE SIKA SO NSO 3KOM DE Y3N!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am going to break things down here for all to understand. Being able to read or being literate doesn't mean you are educated no matter how many Phd degrees you can boast off. on the issue of galamsey what really destroys our country causing the poisoning of the waters and barrenness of the land are the heavy metals including mercury and cyanide. The quantities of this product could not be imported into this country without the political blessing and pro-activism of both the exporting country China and ours. China is an exporter of economic terrorism and undermining our economic potential by actively corrupting our willing politicians and strategically destroying the future of our children. These are the allies of pepeni Bawumia , Mahama and all other Akan haters and their traitors amongst us. Where in the world today could you transport such quantities of these poisons mercury , cyanide and such without it being monitored? Can China claim they didnt know? the bill to now sort out the sanitation , water cleaning and waste management is now over $ 40 billion DOLLARS. Why do we we need Chinese money when the American EXIM bank has publicly offered us tens of billions with the much needed technology yet they are ignored as only Chinese and arab/muslim money is acceptable? the pepeni /ayigbe conspirators together with their Muslim and Chinese allies continue unabated to destroy our Akanland and push our people into poverty under the watch of kwasiapsanyin Nana Addo. NDC lost the elections because most Akans and patriotic citizens realized this party does not appreciate or reflect the true interests of the people but rather its a mafia criminal organization that will cause the eventual bloodshed among our people. After the death /murder of Mills NDC lost all its appeal and there was no hope it would ever get back on the right track to serve the interests of the people.NDC is a disappointment and will end up on the landfill of rubbish organizations . NPP from the looks of things will most likely also be joining them soon and in their place the AKAN freedom movement will rise. Anytime an Akan actually does something good or worthy for the nation some pepeni , ayigbe , Muslim or some other minority comes and destroys everything dead, that is the fact. 58% of our bauxite was handed over as a step to colonize the wealth of the Akan , were in the world would a minority be given such privileges if it was not to undermine the majority. All natural resources should be nationalized including gold , then properly developed as sustainable businesses then privatized through a coupon system so all citizens become direct owners . We are definitely a nation of idiotic fools , i have for a while decided to hold my peace because it seemed we have a sensible finance minister making the right moves but this toxic pepeni kwasiapanyin Bawumia has erased all good. Atta Mills went to bed with this Satan and it cost him his life together with 200,000 hardened criminals they sent here that have poisoned our water bodies and long term devastated our economy. China has ignored over a billion of their citizens in dire need of the entering into the post industrial era and come here and promise WHAT? I said that this Bawumia is the reincarnation of the devil and evil that air brained Nana has put in his office. He continues with his project of the islamisation of Ghana with the establishment of an Islamic university to breed toxic propagators of evil in our land. He blocks all Akan diaspora private capital in the tens of billions because its from primarily Christian countries. Where in the world has China given capital , technology and industry for another country to develop? The only reason why this is on the table is to make Ghana a suspicious ally at best to our western civilizations and other christian countries . We saw an influx of Islamic money which we don't need yet everyone played dumb because the political oligarchy is playing ball with the Muslim caliphate and soon our stubborn Christians will start seeing their children's throats being turned toward Mecca like goats and slashed . My brothers arm yourselves like our friends in Denkyira but wait for the clarion call to wipe out this cancer amongst us. Enough is enough

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