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Akuffo’s touting comment ‘unacceptable’, ‘prejudicial’ – Group

Comment: Re: The hypocrisy in Ghana Must Cease

2017-06-17 22:50:20
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Re: The hypocrisy in Ghana Must Cease

You've just validated my point and I do not see the argument you're making here. You're a typical example of hypocrisy or duplicity that is crippling Ghana. When it's convenient or suitable, you're quick to reference the USA but when it's not, you want to denigrate her. Ghana is a Sovereign Country so the scale of justice can be tilted against the vulnerable and you think it makes you look so wise. Can you pause and think for moment and stop attacking me for expressing my viewpoint?
Well I know you will not because it's very typical of most of you guys to comment without reading to understand the issues.
The Group makes strong arguments based on the same Constitution of Ghana so what is your counter argument?

Your kind is the problem most African countries have got to deal with because you have no conscience or principles. You are bereft of principles but you project yourself as being educated and unfortunately most people cannot see through your hollowness. I leave you to your conscience that is if you have one but I'll not waste my time on characters like you.
I only pray and hope that this Group really can fight for some reforms or for the total removal of some these archaic Laws or regulations from the Laws of Ghana.

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Re: The hypocrisy in Ghana Must Cease
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