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Akuffo’s touting comment ‘unacceptable’, ‘prejudicial’ – Group

Comment: The hypocrisy in Ghana Must Cease

2017-06-17 21:19:35
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Akuffo’s touting comment ‘unacceptable’, ‘

I'm really amazed at the hypocrisy of some Ghanaian Lawyers who claim to be champions of Rule of Law and Fundamental Human Rights but do not see anything wrong with this viewpoint of the in-coming Chief Justice.
The problem is that, these "so-called" legal luminaries who freely advertise themselves on Facebook and other social media platforms have gone mute because the ban is against a Lawyer who is perceived to be an "NDC Activist".
However, this group has been able to expose the hypocrisy of the Chief Justice Nominee on her own principle.

When she was asked to comment on her ruling on the Montie 3, she declined and said she was unable to comment on her own judgment but was quick to comment on her decision against a very young lawyer who has appealed against it and described his purported misconducted as "Distasteful".
I guess the Ghanaian Judiciary needs some education on what social media really entails as her explanation seems to be very narrow and uninformed to say the least.
To posit that, Lawyers / Law Firms can have websites but cannot be on Facebook or linkedIn etc. is really incongruous.
The questions which arise are;
1. what is the business of all those Lawyers who have been positing legal arguments / comments on Facebook on almost daily basis and on court proceedings?
2. What are they doing on these social media platforms?
3. Is it not a form of advertisement?

Well I guess she would describe those as "Indirect" form of advisement and are acceptable. This is just tantamount to skewing a decision in favour of one and adversely against other in Ghanaian Courts.

In the USA, Lead Lawyers and in some cases, direct beneficiaries of their services are used in advertisements and so many of them are on various social media platforms. This actually provides their clients the opportunity to comment on their satisfaction or experiences with these law firms and Ghana can do same.
It's most appropriate to ask how can Ghanaians access affordable legal services if Law firms cannot make their services visible to the average Ghanaian?
This is a Test Case and I hope this group can use it to effectively push the frontiers of access to legal services in Ghana.

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The hypocrisy in Ghana Must Cease
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