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Akufo-Addo ‘sweats’ over cabinet list

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insight to the bone
2017-06-06 13:16:09
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Concentrate On Your Own Business

Really what a tragic comedy of a joke banana republic Ghana is.We have an arch criminal JJ running his mouth with cholera shit propaganda boasting of crimes any normal human being would be ashamed of.We talk of reconciliation and amnesty in a fake ass constitution but forget in a Christian society forgiveness or amnesty can only be given to those who are genuine remorseful,show repentance or admit their guilt.Npp is in power but obviously Nana being so stupid as to surround himself with pepeni northerners who have poisoned his mind to what is right and is just too impotent to do what is necessary to secure freedom , peace and justice just like Atta Mills was. Our so called intellectuals join the hallelujah chorus to condemn the innocent citizens of a whole town but are too cowardly to speak the truth about JJ , his ayigbe criminal hegemony in an alliance with pepeni tribalism/ Islamic chauvinistic dominance .In this our sorry ass country Ghana everything is now upside down or back to front with negative selection of personnel in all state institutions.In organized civilized societies they take wayward people, criminals from prisons or hooligan prone individuals and recruit them into the security forces under a strict regime so they become positive contributors in society so most are rehabilitated before they even commit crimes. They complain that the people of Denkyira are difficult but yet our security agencies only recruit mainly from the Ewes and northerners. The basic principle being every human being is important and can be vital to the smooth functioning of the society but in our primitive buga buga foolishness its better to murder people by firing squad , lynching or general exclusion of the majority's potential through tribalism , hegemony and Islamic dominance, no better than Nigeria.The fact remains its not lawlessness but rather the people have made a choice . When someone has malaria or is sick they know where the doctors are , when there is a fire even though they know the fireservice is poorly equiped they reach out to them and so on , but when a crime is committed or faced by corruption they dont know where the police/ judiciary are or dont bother because everyone has rejected these fake institutions. The constitution must be changed so all are equal before the law if not we shall bring war on all these traitors of convenience.There so many versions of the story out there and each with some truth mixed with a whole lot of incredible lies. We observe a whole set of seemly unconnected circumstances that led to this unfortunate event, yes unfortunate because no one should be killed in that way not even a dog. We should look at the motives of the actors , the assembly man was acting on behalf of powerful men who had had 27 excavators seized by that unit was loosing money daily. Its evident he went for a meeting but lied to his colleagues he was going for jogging hoping to shake these criminals down for a few million dollars due to his unreasonable greed . The assemblyman being only a front-man could not approve the amounts required and a stalemate of several months would mean he the assemblyman would eventually pay for that mess with his life so opted for the only foolish quick solution he thought was available and that was to kill the captain .The captain had already been through a similar situation before when on a peacekeeping mission was captured and beaten to a pulp by the locals after surrendering his gun,so was returned home. Instead of the army discharging him or putting him under some psychological evaluation ignored the fact that he was damaged goods and gave him a new posting.Our army is now incompetent and unprofessional due to the fact that they have recruited more Ewes and northerners in order for them to use it one day to secure the colonization of Akan territories like the Hausas have done in Nigeria, this they have done and accepted substandard individuals like this captain.I have said all security agencies need to be disbanded a new ones reformed or one day things will deteriorate in a Somali like state.
Read it below #copied:

Update On The Death Of Captain Mahama: More Shocking Revelations Pops Up | Here All The Gist

When the news broke of the murder of Captain Maxwell Adams Mahama, the reasons cited for this gruesome act didn’t match up. There were, in fact, more loopholes in the story going around.
In fact, it was alleged Captain Mahama went for an early jogging and he was mistaken for an armed robber because he had a gun with.

But a critical look at the story didn’t hold up. It was clear from the video circulating the man was not in a jogging kits. And also the video showed the town folks lynched him in a broad day light.

Well, the team that has visited the town to conduct the investigation has explained what really happened and it will bring tears to your eyes.


Apparently, Captain Mahama was invited to a meeting by the same Assemblyman who organized the group for the lynching.He and some group of other residents convinced him that it was for the betterment of the area. They sent an Okada guy (Motor used as a taxi) to pick him up.

The meeting took place 13kms away from his base (I am not sure Max will go for 13km jogging). The meeting (for the release of their equipment) we understand did not go well for the Assemblyman n his guys.

After the meeting, Max came to the roadside looking for a vehicle (no common in the area) and it was there he decided to buy something from some women by the roadside. That was where the women saw his pistol n drew the attention of the town folks.

They approached Max and he told them he was a soldier and that they should send him to the police station but they will have none of that including the Okada guy who picked him up.

They attempted lynching him and he fired the Okada rider’s thigh, he then tried jumping on a moving truck and Urvan ( A moving bus) but they fired both vehicle windscreens and that was when Max gave up and placed his pistol on ground n lifted his hands and they pounced n lynched him.

The ladies in the pictures/videos seen lighting fire and taking pics are members of the assembly. The assemblyman provided drinks for the mobsters after the killing.

The Assemblyman (Has surrounded himself to the police last night) and the ladies are still on the run but the military has 4 key culprits including the injured Okada rider.

A boy in the town in the town after the ‘fine treatment’ by the military finally confessed what transpired.Meanwhile, The District Chief Executive has been warned by the team to shut up.

May The Soul Of Captain Mahama Rest In Perfect Peace. He was a true son of Ghana. Rest

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