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Are there links between galamseyers and elements in the higher echelons of the military?


2017-06-06 09:41:13
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Are there links between galamseyers and elements i

The Government should insist that the military set up a BOARD OF ENQUIRY into the circumstances surrounding the death of Major Max Mahama.

The proceedings should be in PUBLIC.

The terms of reference should include (a) whether the detachment sent to the area of the Incident was properly briefed regarding its OBJECTIVE AND TASKS,and what this briefing consisted of;
(b) whether the deceased officer infringed any military rules regarding the maintenance of his own personal safety and the safety of his men;
(c) whether the military high command was unduly influenced to use military force to protect private business operations in the area, some of which may not have been entirely legal, including galamsey.

The Board of Enquiry should report within three weeks. Its Report shall be made public.

The reason to hold a PUBLIC BOARD OF ENQUIRY is that there are too many insinuations, rumours, speculations and half-baked theories going round over the poor Major's death. Some disgruntled persons are deliberately making it seem that the civilian government is somehow responsible for the death, or that if there had been a military government in power, or if there were to be one such, then the culprits would be dealt with expeditiously. And so on.

It is of course preposterous. It appears the military detachment was sent to the area of the Incident before the current Government came to power. Why then should the Incident e used to cause disaffection against the current government?

Finally, even if it was the current Government that sent the detachment, the execution of the order could be done by the military, who were responsible for its competent conception and implementation.

All those shouting for a coup haven't got a leg to stand on. But the Government must outsmart them by making all the evidence pubic very very quickly. Protecting reputations at the risk of national security is not exactly a clever thing to do.

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