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Former President Mahama is a disgrace to the nation

Comment: The Mahamas are too Greedy

Nii Teiko
2017-06-06 12:14:57
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Re: Former President Mahama is a disgrace to the n

Let's be little fair and objective here. If Ghanaians are not idiots they could have realized that it is rather Mahama John and Mahama Ibrahim, the two 'father Christmas', and Toyota-Landcruisers-free donors, are the ones who deserved the lynching but not the late Cpt. Mahama Adam Maxwell. ExPrez Mahama knew exactly what he was saying when he once stupidly insulted Ghanaians that we have shot memories. The lynching should have started from John Mahamas doorstep the very moment he started doing out free cars to the Dumelos, the Asemforos e tal when in fact, it was this same buffoons who told us Ghana cannot continue to give freebies to its citizens when Nana Addo did promise free SHS in the lead up to the 2012 generals elections.

Mahama is greedy, and so do Ibrahim.
Im totally against the killing of Maxwell, now elevated to Major, but methink the people of Denkyira Boase were motivated by one thing that certainly compelled them to do what they did; they the citizens and the custodians of the stools lands were denied the concessional right to operate a small scale minning, which is sometimes referred to as Gallansey, but only to find expatriates prospecting, and mining the virgin forest, reserved for future purposes, for its richly vast mineral deposits. The peiple were understandly unhappy for this unfortunate development that affected their livelihood, but lynching could have been factored out of the equation to seek justice.

And would I be surprise if it later emerge that the machines on that mining sites are rented from the greedy Mahamas of Engineers & Planners fame?. Is it any wonder that they deployed our gallant soldiers, with their own nephew as the unit commander, to protect " their properties" on the mining site from vandalism and, also, to terrorize the Dankyira Buase indigens from encroachment . Well, i live it here.

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06-06 02:53
The Mahamas are too Greedy
Nii Teiko
06-06 12:14