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Fake degrees, certificates flood presidency

Comment: Fake Doctors

2017-04-24 09:16:32
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Fake degrees, certificates flood presidency

Go to Presbyterian Church of Ghana, they have similar Fake Doctors as Ministers. Go to London, their Presbytery Chairperson, Rev. Peter Kofi Nyarkoh all of a sudden instructed his flocks to address him as Rev Dr Kofi Nyarkoh (Fake Doctorate). One Professor Daniels is the sales person £2,000.00 each. Rev Nyarkoh is a FAKE Dr. and a Fake Minister because he doesn't know how to preach. His sermons are about Sex. Making love to the young women and bullying his subordinates. He is killing the Europe Presbytery and the sooner the better that the new Moderator moves him out.

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Fake Doctors
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