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Kofi Adams was a ‘disaster’ – NDC guru

Comment: Kofi Adams is a greedy bastard

2017-03-23 14:29:54
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Kofi Adams was a ‘disaster’ – NDC guru

Ndc confuse insults as campaign,Kofi Adams engaged in armchair campaigning,from radio station to the other insulting everybody including Dr Bawumia and Nana Addo,until Ndc lost non of them thought he wasn't doing the right thing,he even said he has never heard of Agyakoo who was on the ground campaigning for npp,Kofi was more than a disaster.The Ndc ve always lived a lie,I alway don't understand why they ll not practice proper democracy but some form of democracy,no wonder they don't want our people to be educated because they re the only political party that benefit from the ignorance of the people,propaganda and lies can only take you a distance, and it can't be beyond where they re today.

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03-23 12:11
Kofi Adams is a greedy bastard
03-23 14:29