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Keep English language as medium of instruction in schools – K.B Asante

Comment: This should be a weekly debate.

Nana Asumadu sakyi
2017-03-09 07:33:57
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Keep English language as medium of instruction in

For those who are trashing others tribalistic ally simply because they suggested using our own native tongue,explain to me how d Japanese,chinese,korean,german thai and all d Europeans,russians are able to do it in their own tongues.without a single exception all d developed countries teaches their students in their own one is advocating eliminating english, for d kids to comprehend clearly what is being taught without d benefit of a dictionary, it is better conveyed in their God given tongue.u can trash as much as u want, but for Africa to progress we must teach our kids in our native language.where did u come up with d idea that we have to study abroad in d ivy league institutions only to be a global citizen? Why is Japan and d far Eastern countries outshining in technology with their own language? We have tried english for almost a century without much success is it not time we try something different? Or u rather c d one step forward two step backward situation we found ourself in.? Our kids deserves better.Not every Ghanaian will travel outside d country .u based your premise on assumption that ppl will be travelling outside, hence needs a foreign language. What percentage of Ghanaians or Africans for that matter have passports?

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01-25 11:15
This should be a weekly debate.
Nana Asumadu sakyi
03-09 07:33