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Keep English language as medium of instruction in schools – K.B Asante

Comment: dont even think about it

2017-01-25 11:31:52
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Keep English language as medium of instruction in

which fool came up with the idea of making Akan the official language,its not only disrespectful to the other languages but the most stupid idea i have seen a Ghanaian come up with....First of all,if you open your mind and think globally,you would see why Ghana is lucky to be english speaking,....but thats not even the issue,Once you make one language official,you are killing the other languages,all the languages of Ghana are part of the Ghanaian culture and should all be encouraged,infact i think there should be awards or some kind of schorlaship in schools for children who are able to speak 4 or 5 ghanaian languages fluently.In so doing,We encourage all the languages but maintain english as it is now and have always been.Some Akans are the ones who keep coming up with this stupid idea,its a stupid idea,they should stop coming up with it if they care about the whole country as one and not just some part.

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01-25 11:15
dont even think about it
01-25 11:31