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Akufo-Addo's inaugural speech a plagiarism of former US presidents'?

Comment: Re: pepeni will always be a pepeni

2017-01-08 10:28:59
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pepeni will always be a pepeni

By the way the author of the Nana's speech is not a pepeni it is someone by the name Eugene Arhin.
Refer to "Government apologises for 'plagiarised portion of Akufo-Addo's speesh" Ghanaweb General Nes of Sunday 8 January 2017.

You see even when Akans are wrong they are not graceful enough to accept responsibility. bootlickers like you are blindly looking for scapegoats to blame it on.
This time you can not blame it on anyone because it's inevitable.

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Re: pepeni will always be a pepeni
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